Inside The Storm: Colorado City, TX

COLORADO CITY, TX (CBS2/FOX28) -- Our CBS 2 News Inside The Storm team started the day in Liberal, KS before a 6 hour drive to Lubbock, TX.

From there they dove southeast to intercept a storm with a history of producing tornadoes. Travel has been difficult as this area received more than 8" of rain Monday night, producing destructive flash flooding still evident Tuesday.

Stay with CBS 2 all week as Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails takes us Inside the Storm on a mission to keep your family safe. You'll have a front row seat as Terry and his experienced team chase some of nature's most ferocious weather. You'll be able to follow along live on and follow Terry on the air during all CBS 2 and Fox 28 newscasts and socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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