"Imagine Mound View" aims to include neighborhood in city's future

"Imagine Mound View" will be held from 12:00 - 4:00 on Saturday.

There's a question being asked in a neighborhood on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids.

"What would happen if you took places that generally think of as bad neighborhoods and re-imagine them - even just for a day?"

That's the inquiry from Ben Kaplan and Corridor Urbanism - a group looking to revamp areas in Cedar Rapids. They're starting with "Imagine Mound View" on Saturday - bringing local food vendors and retailers into the Mound View neighborhood for the afternoon. The goal is to show people what the area could be with some industrial and residential investment. It already sits between two major educational institutions - Coe College and Mount Mercy University.

"When you go down there, it's clear that there's been disinvestment," Kaplan said, "and we think it's time to change that."

And it all starts with a question.

"What if we started about it as one of the places that's the future of this city," Kaplan asked, "rather than its past?"

For complete details on the event, head to the "Imagine Mound View" Facebook page.

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