Heavy, blowing snow through Saturday morning

    Snowfall forecast through Saturday morning<br>

    Snow is already piling up in northern Iowa and will become more widespread through the day. Snow will continue north of Highway 20 through the early afternoon. Snow will begin to fill in to the south, near Highway 30, after 3 pm. Snow will become steadier and heavier during the evening commute and through the night.

    Snow will be powdery and will pile up quickly. It will also be prone to blowing and drifting with a strong northeast wind. The snow will be heavy and steady during the evening commute, between 5 pm to midnight

    Impacts in eastern Iowa

    Snow will pile up quickly and snow plows will likely have a hard time keeping up on the roads. Snow will wind down Saturday morning and we'll have four to eight inches of fresh powder on the ground.

    Snowfall forecast through Saturday morning

    Cold air will be rushing in behind this storm and winds will be strong through the day Saturday. Wind chills will be near zero Saturday morning and through the day.

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