Getting ready for C.R. runoff

Linn County getting ready for runoff election.

Cedar Rapids voters are being asked to make big decision on December 5th in a runoff election.

Voters city wide will choose either Brad Hart or Monica Vernon to be the next Mayor.

Voters in district 5 will also be picking between Ashley Vanorny or incumbent, Justin Sheilds for City Council.

Preparing for a runoff is a lot of extra works but Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says his staff will be ready.

Voting times will be 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and most polling locations will remain the same.

“There shouldn't be any precinct changes unless we run into some holiday program that’s in conflict, we use a lot of churches,” says Miller.

With a month to turn from one election to another they are tight on time.

The have to having to wait for the votes to certified on Thursday and wait for the November 13th recount deadline to pass before new ballots can go out.

“It’s a very short window for early voting,” says Miller. “But we would like people to participate in early voting because we don't know what the weather is going to be on December 5th, I mean it was cold yesterday it could be cold, snowy or sleety,” he adds.

Miller estimates the runoff will cost the city an additional 90 thousand dollars.

Candidates are also working hard to power though the extended campaign.

“One of the guys that is volunteering for my campaign said ‘have you ever been in a runoff?’ and I said no and he goes ‘Well you know they give you about 4 weeks but it feels like one.’ says Vernon. “So I knew there’s no taking a day off,” she laughs.

Brad Hart is also staying busy to keep the momentum going.

“To much effort has gone into it now to slack off,” says Hart. “In some ways we'll probably double our efforts to get out and talk to people and get their thoughts and concerns and get the name and the message out,” he adds.

Both mayoral candidates say they have already seen a surge of new volunteers who are happy to help.

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