Farmers grow frustrated in trade war and fight back

A growing number of farmers content to weather the storm in a trade war are now launching an effort to fight back. Amid falling crop prices and a wide ranging impact on the agriculture industry and beyond they are calling on President Trump to end the trade war.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) – Amid the many Iowa farmers who have expressed a willingness to weather the storm in a trade war, one group says it’s had enough and is mounting a nationwide effort calling for President Trump to stop the fight. Farmers For Free Trade says it is gathering hundreds of thousands of supporters as it launches radio, print and television ads calling on the administration to end the pain for growers on the front lines of the trade war.

Scott Henry farms near Nevada in central Iowa and says while he agrees there are trade issues, he doesn’t think the president knew the consequences for growers when he fired the first shot. He says he could lose 20 percent of net income this year and adds this is the worst possible time to start a trade war with the recent history of the ag economy and unpredictable weather and yields this year, “ We are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. The farm economy is in such a fragile state right now that the strategies are actually probably causing more hurt and more pain. “

The Tariffs Hurt The Heartland message talks about the real threat the trade war poses to U.S. farmers and how it’s already causing major problems for some families. It includes the voices of growers telling their stories and an announcer in one radio spot saying “ President Trump, stop the trade war.”

Another now playing on Corridor radio stations features a farmer frustrated that he and others are caught in the middle, “ This is not a war that I signed up for, it’s not a war that I want to be drafted for.”

Henry says it’s clear the president is already listening to the backlash from the tariffs and retaliation as evidenced by the $12 billion promised in aid to farmers a few weeks ago. But he says more growers and Ag businesses are running out of patience and will eventually be running to the polls to express their concerns at the ballot box, “ I think if this thing extends beyond the current marketing year and becomes a year and a half or longer struggle, I really think there will be a lot of people in the Ag world starting to shift their position.”

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