Dubuque officials may link city, county, school cameras

City of Dubuque logo

Officials are considering linking security camera networks owned by the city of Dubuque, Dubuque County and Dubuque Community Schools.

The Telegraph Herald reports that school officials have proposed the idea with the goal of helping first responders during emergencies.

Dubuque County Information Technology Superintendent Nathan Gilmore says a new server could give emergency responders access to the cameras. Gilmore says officials would be able to select which cameras are included in the system.

District Technology Director Coby Culbertson says officials will first test out the idea on certain cameras.

Dubuque Information Services Manager Chris Kohlmann says city officials will likely conduct tests this summer.

County, city and school officials will then create a draft plan, which would be considered by county supervisors, City Council members and school board members.

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