Drivers concerned about newest traffic camera violation notices

Drivers who haven't paid their traffic camera citations may have their state tax refund withheld.

Drivers with traffic camera citations in Cedar Rapids are now getting new letters reminding them to pay or face the consequences.

There are ongoing concerns about the way the city is trying to collect those fines. Last December, the city's collection agency sent out notices informing people of changes—including a 25% late payment penalty and a debt to the Iowa Income Offset Program. Some drivers tell CBS 2 News they're worried because the newest notices that have been sent out contain more personal information than the initial ones sent in December.

CBS 2 News spoke with a few drivers who say the letters have information like their state tax refund amount and the last few digits of their social security number.

"That combined with the fact they clear-texted my tax return amount was a little bit concerning,” said Luke Priest, one of the drivers who received one of these violation letters.

Priest is also one of the many who received those letters who doesn’t believe he should have to pay some of these citations. That's because in 2015 the Iowa Supreme Court ordered the city to stop issuing traffic tickets from cameras along I-380.

"We knew that it was a matter of time before it got shut down. So we ignored the ticket and didn't even bother legitimizing it by going in and contesting the claim or the ticket itself,” said Luke Priest.

CBS 2 News reached out to city leaders who said that if anyone is having any issues getting a response from the Municipal Collection Office of America, they can talk to the city, whose staff is more than willing to make sure the collection company does reach out to anyone who needs help.

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