Crews work to contain City Carton Recycling Center fire for hours


Fire crews say they got to the fire just around 4:15 this afternoon because city carton recycling center was on fire.

They say some people were working inside the building, but everyone got out safely.

Flames rip through the city carton recycling center in Iowa City just after the end of the work day.

Deputy Chief Eric Nurnberg of the Iowa City Fire Department told CBS2/FOX28 that "(Their) initial reports were that the fire was heavily involved...we did just arrive a couple minutes after the call to find out that that was true."

Crews say the were thousands of highly flammable bales of compressed recycled cardboard inside the warehouse, making it easier for the fire to spread and harder for crews to put it out.

"We spent some time in defensive operations, just applying water from the outside," Nurnberg said.

The roof initially collapsed, making it harder to tackle the fire inside the building, but authorities say they might be able to save some of the building.

"Fortunately we were able to draw a line and save about have of the building, and we're confident that that's going to stay untouched by the fire, " Nurnberg said.

Crews expect to be out here for the remainder of the night to investigate the cause of the fire.

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