CR Snow Plowing crews reload, suggest you take it easy

Corridor plowing crews reload for another round of snow expected Thursday night

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) - It is the ultimate winter irony as Peter Gasper watches a semi full of salt fight for traction in the mud created by warm sunshine behind his BladeWorks snowplowing business in Cedar Rapids. It’s the latest delivery in a week that’s already brought a series of snow storms and promises to deliver a direct hit between Thursday night and Friday morning.

CBS2/FOX28 Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails says the weather models he analyzes suggest between 5 and 10 inches could fall in the corridor. Gasper and his crew spent Wednesday refueling, reloading salt, resting and getting ready to do battle again, “ We’ve gone through over 100 tons this week and with Terry’s forecast, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’ll be out there. “

It’s shaping up to be the busiest year for private plowing crews in the last three. BladeWorks keeps sidewalks, driveways and parking lots safe for scores of Cedar Rapids businesses and residents. Gasper says yet another storm forecast for the weekend would give them plenty of time to get snow cleared as people return to work on Monday, but if up to 10 inches fall early Friday morning it will be a very long day.

Cedar Rapids city crews spent Wednesday afternoon doing maintenance on plows to be ready to hit the streets too. With the exception of a few small mountains piled around the downtown, crews have trucked away tons of snow to make room for more.

Gasper says even though BladeWorks does most of the cleanup work with machinery, he still worries about the safety of his crew if the snow is wet and heavy and there are areas that must be shoveled by hand. He says from his experience, his best advice for anyone clearing their own sidewalks is that it never pays to dive in without a plan, “ Getting out there and trying to do five to ten inches all in one shot just isn’t safe. Get out and do it incrementally. Work 15-minutes, go back in and relax a little bit to warm up a little bit. You know, don’t over exert yourself in any way, shape or form. Be smart about it, it’ll be there for a few days and you can take care of that.”

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