Court: Vinton homeowners to reimburse shelters for rescued animal care

A Vinton home where hundreds of animals were rescued in January. (CBS2/FOX28)

A court has ruled that about 700 animals rescued from a home in Vinton last month were neglected by their owners.

The ruling said on the whole, animals were not provided sufficient food and water and the nature of the home belonging to Barbara and Marshall Galkowski made the conditions for the animals unlivable.

The filing said that the Galkowskis must reimburse shelters their expenses for the care of the animals. It also says the Galkowskis can retrieve no more than ten rabbits and/or guinea pigs by Feb 16. They can also pick up their one turtle and three lizards.

The remainder of the animals that are healthy can be put up for adoption.

Preston Moore from the Cedar Valley Humane Society sent us this statement:

The number one question we have received after the Galkowski Animal Case decision was filed is about one line in that decision stating the animals will be euthanized after a certain date.
To be very clear... We will not euthanize these animals.
We operate as a no kill shelter and are confident that we will find placement for each and every one of them.
We will NOT euthanize any.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

You can read the full ruling below:

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