Corridor school adds all-inclusive playground for their students

A map of the all-inclusive playground soon to be at North Bend Elementary School. (landscape structures)

Macy and Emma Pierce are sisters who enjoy spending every moment they can playing together.

“We like to play all kinds of things,” said Emma, a third grade student at North Bend Elementary School.

“The person pretends their sick or something and then the doctor fixes them,” added in Macy, a second grade student at North Bend Elementary.

While playing together is easy to do at home, it can be hard to do sometimes with Emma’s wheelchair. At North Bend Elementary School, there are a few students that have physical limits. That’s why one teacher decided to help make it so all students can enjoy the playground.

"A couple years ago I had sent an e-mail saying we have some students who have some physical limitations,” said Erin Sheets, a pre-school teacher at North Bend Elementary. “It would be nice if we could consider some of their needs."

Fast forward to three years later and the school has now raised $60,000 to make this dream a reality. The all-inclusive play area will have the same equipment that the school’s other two playgrounds have. The only difference is the equipment will be easily accessible for anyone who has physical limitations.

"The things that we put on there are things that everybody loves,” said Brenda Parker, principal at North Bend Elementary. “The sway fun that moves back and forth. It has monkey bars. It has a slide."

While the playground is something the school is proud of, the teachers are most proud of the campaign they put together called, “Choose Kind”. Made up of teachers and parents, the campaign helped raise funds for the playground set. They have been selling shirts with the campaign’s name on it to people around the area and across the country.

"The basis for it was the playground, but it is way bigger than that. It's about being a good person,” said Parker.

It is thanks to that mentality that the Pierce sisters and everyone at North Bend Elementary will have the chance to fully enjoy their recess with each other.

"So maybe when we come out for recess we can swing together,” said Macy Pierce.

As soon as the weather improves, the plan is to start work on adding the playground. The goal is for it to be completed before summer break starts.

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