Sioux City used Cedar Rapids' BB-gun ordinance as guideline

    The gun on the bottom is a Glock 19, the one on top is Glock 19 as well. The only difference is one is a BB-gun and the other chambers a 9mm round that can kill you instantly. <p>{/p}

    A new ordinance in Sioux City now prohibits the carrying and firing of toy guns including BB-guns within city limits. Here in the Corridor those ordinances have long been in place and according to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, Sioux City actually referenced Cedar Rapids' ordinance when creating theirs.

    In Cedar Rapids, according to city code, it shall be unlawful for any person under eighteen years of age to carry or have in his possession an air gun, gas or air operated pellet gun, or firearm or gun of any nature or type when not under the supervision of a parent, guardian or other person over the age of eighteen having the care and custody of said under aged person.

    No person, except a duly authorized peace officer, shall discharge any cannon, gun, fowling piece, air gun, gas or air operated pellet gun, other firearm or gun of any nature or type, except with the written permission of the City Council and upon the filing of a certificate of liability insurance satisfactory to the City Council.

    Marion adopted the same ordinance protecting its citizens but also taking care of their own officers. Often times officers are not able to tell the difference between a replica firearm and a real gun. A database on police shootings maintained by the Washington post shows police killed 142 people with toy weapons since 2015.

    "Is that a real gun, is that a BB-gun is that a toy, is that a deadly weapon? So for us having that ordinance on the books to keep those guns off the streets or out of the public view is going to be beneficial for us in the long run," Officer Tom Daubs with the Marion Police Department said. "You can't hit a redo button and do that over, it's a situation were an officer has a split second to make a decision that's going to last a life time."

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