Corn shuckers prepare 25,000 ears for St. Jude's Sweet Corn Festival

Each ear of corn needs to be shucked, scrubbed clean, and buttered up. (CBS2/FOX28)

Father Mark Murphy has been St. Jude's pastor for two months now, and for him, the Sweet Corn Festival experience is new. So is the shucking corn.

"I have no technique," said Murphy. "I'll be a good student today."

He's learning the ropes from the hundreds of others who have been shucking for years, like Chuck Sina, who's been attending the church and festival since 1979.

"It's been around for so long that word of mouth gets around, and they want to be a part of what's going on here," said Sina.

People like Chuck have gotten the corn assembly line down to a science. The corn's shucked, cleaned, chopped, and eventually put into boilers and buttered up. The festival chair, Karen Farmer, says all 25,000 ears of corn almost always get eaten.

"Very rarely do we have to throw anything away," said Farmer.

And even the part that you don’t eat doesn’t go to waste. After it's compacted, it goes back to the farm where it's eaten by the cows.

By volunteering together, organizers hope they can pick up more to join their church community.

"I was talking to a gentleman who became a part of St. Jude because of the Sweet Corn Festival," said Father Murphy. "And hey--that's a great thing. The purpose of the festival."

The festival begins Friday, Aug 10 and goes until Sunday, Aug 12.

Here are the changes in traffic as a result of the festival:

  • West side of Julia Anne Drive NW from 1st Avenue to Sue Lane
  • North side of Sue Lane NW from Clive Drive to Edgewood Road
  • West side of Clive Drive NW from 12th Avenue SW to Sue Lane NW
  • North side of 1st Avenue W from Edgewood Road NW to Julia Anne Drive NW
  • East side of Auburn Drive SW from 1st Avenue to 12th Avenue SW
  • North side of Franbrook Terrace NW from Edgewood Road to 1st Avenue
  • South side of 2nd Avenue SW from Auburn Drive to Clive Drive
  • North side of Ravenwood Terrace NW from Edgewood Road to 29th Street
  • North and East sides of Roxbury Drive NW from Wiley Boulevard to 1st Avenue
  • West side of Josephine Lane NW from Sue Lane to Dennis Drive

For complete festival details, visit this site.

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