Construction begins on Cedar Rapids Flood Memorial Project

Benches and a privately-funded sculpture are also planned to be added to the site.

A portion of O Avenue NW and Ellis Blvd is closed as construction starts on a 2008 flood memorial in the Northwest/ Time Check neighborhood.

It was the area hit the hardest during the flood of 2008.

The Northwest Gateway and Memorial Plaza will revitalize the area with new green space and celebrate neighborhood growth since the recovery.

Right now, pillars indicating the gateway to the Cedar River are up on display.

A memorial wall will be built, which will show the flood level from 2008 and a historical depiction of the neighborhood's recovery efforts.

City leaders tell CBS 2 news every part of the project is a reflection of the community.

"This whole project was based on community input [and] on what were the important things people wanted to go on," said Jennifer Pratt, Cedar Rapids Community Development Director. "What were the types of things that they thought would spark conversation, the thing that we were most surprised about were how positive the neighbors were about this, and they really are wanting this to be a piece of the future."

The memorial is expected to be officially open on June 13th, which marks the 10th anniversary of the 2008 flood.

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