Community continues to hope for Jake Wilson's return


La Porte City continues to search for missing Jake Wilson. The 16-year old has autism and disappeared Saturday night. Since then the town of just over 2500 has rallied together to find him. More than 800 volunteers searched over the weekend and even during the week, close to 400 people from all over Eastern Iowa came here to help.

“We are very close nit. Although everybody doesn’t know everybody but they are always concerned about everybody,” Mayor of La Porte City David Neil said,” That’s just the Iowa way.

Authorities did announce today that they would not need any more volunteers as they are focusing on a law enforcement driven search with several agencies from across the state. That doesn’t mean however the residents of La Porte City are going to stop helping.

Brandy Shirk owns the Pizza Palace on Main Street. One of the most popular restaurants in the area, she knows many La Porte City natives. Shirk delivered close to 80 pizzas to volunteers through the week because this place is home and so much more.

“It’s family, when people come in here they are my family,” Shirk says. “It’s just neat to see people come from all over to find this little guy.”

Authorities will use the night to investigate further of what could have happened and focus on video and audio recordings from business across the area. One of the agencies involved is the FBI.

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