Collecting Ideas for Cedar Lake

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- Organizations and residents gathered in Cedar Rapids Thursday night to discuss the future of Cedar Lake.

Big and small, the ideas poured in on how to take this once forgotten body of water and turn it into the city's newest destination.

One business said it would appreciate any new amenities added to the area.

"It could mean more traffic for us and the trail just in general," Sara Marino, a bartender at Sagwagon, said. "It would be great to see a dock for people who kayak because we do see kayakers out there, too."

During the open house, a number of organizations and people came out to express their opinion about what could make the area better.

"I'd love to see more development of trails, but also I think the beautification is important because it's right off of the interstate," Phillip Platz, who frequents the lake, said.

"I would like to see kayaking opportunities, boat rental opportunities, a beach," Carol Stone, kayaker, said.

"As far as the fishing part, bringing the water level up so the fish can survive the winter because it's shallow," Tim Moran from Friends of Cedar Lake, said.

The written and spoken ideas were not in vain, Friends of Cedar Lake said it's all a plan for the future.

"We envision that those things will start happening as early as next spring," Felicia Wyrick, outreach chair for Friends of Cedar Lake, said.

Some said it's not just about the lake; it's about the morale of the city.

"A lot of people drive by and don't even think about or realize it's there and then when you go there, it's like it's been forgotten," Platz said.

A cleaner lake could mean a better feel for the people who call Cedar Rapids home.

"A destination, too," Marino said. "What's there to do in Cedar Rapids? Well come on, let's show you. It would be a great thing."

There are two phases to the improvement process.

The first phase should begin as soon as spring.

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