City of Tiffin warns of razor blades found in park equipment

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The City of Tiffin is warning parents to be on the lookout after razor blades in some park equipment.

The warning comes after some were found at a park within city limits when two families raised concern on Sunday afternoon.

"We usually don't check park equipment before we let our kids play on them," said Blair McDonough, one of the mothers whose children frequently play at Woodfield Park.

It was never a concern for McDonough when taking her young kids to the park nearby their home, but that changed after Sunday's events.

"You never think that would happen," said McDonough. "Being in a situation and finding a razor blade once a kid was going down a slide and my child being hurt."

McDonough says her neighbor took photos of the razor blades hidden throughout the playground and took to Facebook in hopes of warning other families.

"Be more aware of our surroundings, I guess and to look before we let our kids play with equipment or play with toys," said McDonough.

They also reached out to the City of Tiffin and spoke with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. The City of Tiffin says they have checked the other parks in the city with metal detectors and say all are in the clear, but families should always be alert.

"I think I would tell my kids to watch out for other kids as well, whether it's anything in life but especially here at the park," said Floyd Evans, a father whose kids enjoyed the parks in Tiffin when they were younger.

For parents like McDonough and Evans, the main goal is for them and their children to not have to be afraid on any playground.

"The park is supposed to be a fun place to play and enjoy themselves--not just for kids, but even me," said Evans.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department is now investigating.

If anyone has any information about this you're asked to call the Johnson County Sheriff's Department at 319-356-6800.

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