City of Cedar Rapids preparing to start two-way street conversions

The Tree of Five Seasons in downtown Cedar Rapids (CBS2/FOX28)

The City of Cedar Rapids is getting ready to make more of its downtown streets run both directions.

The following stretches of roads will be converted to two-way streets.

  • 2nd Avenue SE from Mays Island to 8th Street
  • 2nd Avenue SE from 13th Street to 19th Street
  • 4th and 5th Avenue SE from 3rd Street to 5th Street

Construction on 2nd Avenue is expected to start Monday, August 14, with work on 4th and 5th Avenue starting in late August or early September. Lanes will be reduced, but at least one lane of traffic will be maintained during construction. Access to all businesses will also be maintained.

A summary of the projects from Cedar Rapids' website is below:


2nd Avenue SE, from May’s Island to 8th Street SE (2017 – 2018)

  • New asphalt overlay
  • Curb intersection and painted intersection bump-outs for pedestrians
  • Sidewalk ramps that support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Traditional bike lanes
  • Decorative brick pavers
  • Parallel parking to remain

4th and 5th Avenue SE, from 3rd Street to 5th Street (2017 – 2018)

  • New asphalt overlay
  • Curb intersection bump-outs
  • Storm sewer on 5th Street
  • Traditional bike lanes on 4th Avenue
  • A new mid-block pedestrian crossing on 4th Avenue between Greene Square and the Cedar Rapids Public Library
  • Parallel parking will remain; angle parking will be added on 5th Avenue and 5th Street


  • 2nd Avenue SE, from 13th Street to 19th Street (2017)
  • One lane of traffic each direction
  • Parking on both sides
  • Traditional bike lanes
  • Traffic signal removal at
  • 2nd Avenue and 13th Street (intersection transitions to 3-way stop)
  • Stop sign added on 2nd Avenue at 19th Street

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