City Leaders say Congressman King's Comments hurt Corridor

Dale Todd, the only African American member of the Cedar Rapids city council in history, says comments from Iowa Congressman Steve King hurt the corridor and the state

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) - City leaders in the corridor say controversial comments and Tweets from Iowa Congressman Steve King are now threatening to hurt communities across the state. Critics say the 4th District Representative’s latest Tweet is racist and suggests diversity and mixing cultures makes the nation weaker, not stronger. Tuesday the continuing theme from Congressman King stirred controversy at Governor Kim Reynolds regular meeting with reporters as they pressed her on her support for King.

State Democrats have called for her to remove King as a co-chair on her 2018 reelection campaign. Governor Reynolds sternly told them, “ I’m not going to get side-tracked by a comment I disagree with.” Reynolds says she’s not getting involved in “ Tweet wars” and is not always going to agree with all of her supporters, “ I can certainly make it known when I don’t agree with a comment that they make, but I always want to be able to work with them on really important issues for Iowans.”

But the only African American city council member in Cedar Rapids history, Dale Todd, says what could be more important than welcoming the best and brightest of all colors to Iowa. He says Governor Reynolds has a serious problem in Steve King and his message hurts the chances of luring some talented workers to the corridor and the state, “ When they see those kinds of headlines in the paper or on the internet, they’ll think twice and the next thing you know maybe they’re going to go someplace else.”

Mayor Ron Corbett is running against Governor Reynolds in the Republican primary and agrees some of the comments from King have been very hurtful. He says he worked with King in the legislature and knows they agree on some conservative issues, but he says they definitely part company on diversity. Corbett says in a city with a Czech Museum and an African American Museum, where Irish, Vietnamese and Hispanic cultures contribute to the community success, King is out of line and Governor Reynolds needs to take a stand, “ I think I’d have to have some pretty serious conversations to say congressman this isn’t what we’re trying to accomplish in our state. Governor Reynolds probably should have been a little stronger.”

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