CID expansion continues while final phase delayed

Airport phase 4 is being delayed to redesign around bigger planes. (CBS2/FOX28)

When the Eastern Iowa Airport began its plan to modernize in 2014 they broke it into 4 phases and now with a phase 3 terminal expansion underway phase 4 is taking a time out.

"it's really been built into the whole idea of this phasing that we could slow down speed up stop all together and really have the flexibility in decision making" Marty Lenss, Airport Director

Airport leaders are pushing the plan back so engineers can redraw plans for more passengers and bigger planes.

"2017 was a record year for the airport so you look at what is your passenger growth and what does that look like into the future." says Dave Kapler, Senior Vice President of Foth Engineering.

1.14 million people flew through the Eastern Iowa Airport this year and Lenss says passenger numbers have been going up over the last 7 years.

Now with bigger planes flying in more frequently they need a little more room to move around.

"Those dynamics have caused us to have to look at phase 4 and see about the need for additional square footage," says Lenss.

With smaller regional jets they were able to service 2 planes from one jet way but that doesn’t work with the larger aircraft.

The delay doesn't worry the airport leaders because the current 54,000 square foot terminal expansion is set for completion in spring 2019.

"We'll be adding 2 jet ways in phase 3 so we'll be going from 7 jet ways to 9," says Lenss.

That will help them tackle the larger loads while providing new features including expanded security a new restaurant a living wall and an outdoor patio.

so as the growth continues on phase 3 the phase 4 plan is growing with it.

"We don't want to overbuild and we certainly don't want to under build either," says Lenss.

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