Chris Street's Hawkeye legacy lives on 25 years later

Chris Street's retired jersey number was put on display on the Hawkeye bench at Saturday's game.

25-years ago, Hawkeye nation was crushed by the news that one of their best and brightest basketball stars was killed in a snow plow crash not far from campus.

Chris Street was only 20 but the legacy of what he stood for continues, even now.

Players, fans, and family attended the annual Chris Street memorial basketball game on Saturday. Those who attended the game said his spirit and commitment to basketball, his teammates, and family is what being a Hawkeye is all about.

"I think it was just he was genuine, he loved the game, he was a hard worker, and I think we all like people that enjoy their jobs, enjoy what they're doing," said Mike Street, Chris's father.

Mike and Patty Street said their son would be surprised if he could see the love and support that continues in his honor.

"I think he would be in awe thinking that he didn't deserve this kind of publicity," said Patty. "He was very humble."

"Seeing all these people [was] very special," said former Iowa men's basketball player Russ Millard. "The Street family, they're just top notch, and that product was seen in Chris."

Millard was Chris's teammate and friend. He said he saw the spirit, enthusiasm, and intensity Chris is known for on the basketball court.

"We battled. We battled in practice. We got to grow as brothers and students, and I mean you see the emotion out there. That was Chris at his finest," said Millard.

"You don't think you're going to get emotional until you get out there," said former Iowa men's basketball player Darryl Moore.

Darryl Moore is now a basketball trainer in Tiffin, but back in 1998, his coaches and teammates honored him with the Chris Street Award. It was a college dream he still treasures to this day.

"To be put in that category and be considered somebody that exemplifies the person [Chris] was is an honor," said Moore.

For all who live their lives in his memory, both on and off the court, they said it is more than just celebrating Chris's life.

It is also recognizing Chris's determination and commitment as a Hawkeye.

"If you can give that effort in life, there's no way you can't be successful if you give that effort and determination in any field that you decide to go into," said Moore.

Though remembering his death is still emotional for many, Chris's memory still shines at the Carver Hawkeye Arena.

"It just makes you really feel proud to be a Hawkeye and the type of people that we have through this program," said Mike.

Since 1993, there have been 31 recipients of the Chris Street Award. It is presented each spring at a team banquet at the end of the basketball season.

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