Cedar Rapids voters, mayoral candidate first to the polls on Tuesday

    Polls in Linn County opened up at 7 a.m. on Tues, Nov. 7. Only around a dozen voters showed up within the first hour at the Christ Episcopal Church poll location. (CBS2/FOX28)<p>{/p}

    The polling location at Christ Episcopal Church wasn’t very busy during the first hour - only about a dozen came by between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. However, several voters who have lived in Cedar Rapids for over 20 years were among the first to arrive.

    "We have a wonderful democracy and it’s our responsibility to elect those who represent us," said Michele Brock, who fund raises for non-profits.

    "You gotta vote at every level," said Al Lewis, an engineer who lives in Cedar Rapids but works in Coralville. "From the city on up to the federal. You can make the most difference at a local level.

    Jerry Ryan, a local data analyst, said, "Gotta have good local support for Cedar Rapids."

    CBS2 News happened to run into one of the Mayoral candidates on the way to casting her vote, Monica Vernon.

    "It is a relief to go out and cast your vote!" said Vernon. When considering if she had any election jitters, she said it comes with the job.

    "You've gotta be prepared every morning to take a deep breath - for me, have a big cup of coffee, and get at the day," said Vernon.

    Monica Vernon is one of eight candidates running for Mayor of Cedar Rapids, making it a high likelihood that there will be a runoff.

    "It was a very close decision on my end," said Jerry Ryan. "I suspect that’s going to be fairly common. So I do expect a runoff."

    In order to win in Linn County, a single candidate must receive 50% of the vote plus one. If no one does, the top two candidates who received the highest amount of votes will race against each other. That election will be held December 5th.

    The polls close at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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