Cedar Rapids to display wrong-way driver notices on DOT signs

photo courtesy Cedar Rapids Police Department

The City of Cedar Rapids will now start using overhead interstate signs to notify drivers of wrong-way drivers in Cedar Rapids.

A message reading "WARNING WRONG WAY DRIVER REPORTED" will be displayed on all Iowa DOT interstate signs within the city limits when the Joint Communications Center receives a report of a motorist driving the wrong way on an interstate in town.

CPRD says if you see one of these alerts, slow down, proceed with extreme caution and pull off the roadway when you can.

According to a Highway Special Investigation Report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, although they are relatively rare highway occurrences, wrong-way collisions tend to be severe events resulting in fatalities, and the number of fatalities, averaging over 300 per year, has remained essentially unchanged in recent years. Authorities say they happen most often at night and on the weekend. They also tend to take place in the lane closest to the median.

Earlier this year, two people were killed in a wrong-way crash on I-380.

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