Cedar Rapids taking moderate flooding precautions

    The Tree of Five Seasons in downtown Cedar Rapids (CBS2/FOX28)

    The city of Cedar Rapids is taking measures to address moderate flooding on the Cedar River.

    The CBS2/FOX28 WeatherFirst team is forecasting that the Cedar River will crest at 14.1 feet on Tuesday.

    Projected river crests along the Cedar River. (CBS2/FOX28)

    The city's public works department will plug underground storm sewer drains and position concrete cones to cover low-lying storm water inlets.

    Current road closures associated with either elevated river levels or localized spring flooding from Prairie Creek include:

    • 1st Street NW closed between Peen Street and E Avenue
    • J St SW at the intersection of Hawkeye Downs Rd SW
    • Hawkeye Downs Rd SW closed between 6th St SW and J St SW
    • Bowling St SW closed south of 33rd Ave at the Prairie Creek Bridge
    • Otis Road

    Boat ramps in Cedar Rapids will close at 7 a.m. on Saturday, and will be closed until river levels are below 13 feet.

    Homes and businesses are not affected by flooding at currently forecasted crest levels in Cedar Rapids.

    According to Linn County, the following secondary roads are partially closed due to flooding:

    • Red Bridge Road & Whitney Road
    • Linn Jones Road
    • Red School Road
    • Bowers Road
    • Roseberry Road
    • Lala Road
    • Fleming Road
    • Deal Road Embargo
    • Grubbs Creek Road
    • Horak Road
    • Otter Road
    • Old Bridge Rd, 68th Ave & Tissel Hollow Rd

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