Cedar Rapids man battles ACA plans during Open Enrollment

With only one insurance company writing policies through the ACA in Iowa, Rick Zettler is running out of options again.

We first introduced you to Rick Zettler a few months ago, when Congress was considering undoing guaranteed Health Insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

That would have been a big problem for Rick, since he had a back problem as a young boy and a pre-cancerous condition as an adult. Together, those provided plenty of reasons for insurance companies to make potential insurance coverage for Zettler essentially unaffordable until the Affordable Care Act guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions.

With only one insurance company writing policies through the ACA in Iowa, Rick is running out of options again.

“I looked at one of Medica's plans online with my wife and I looked at that plan and the cost and there wasn't a lot said after that,” said Rick. “My wife could tell I was upset.”

Rick says the plans he’s looked at have premiums from $18,000 - $25,000 with deductibles ranging from $6,000-$13,000.

He’s put his frustrations on paper and is sending it to whoever will listen. He’s already talked to Senator Ernst’s office and sent his letter to Governor Kim Reynolds.

“To say what is happening with premiums on the individual market is unfortunate for those not eligible for subsidies is an understatement,” Rick wrote. “Criminal is more like it.”

“It’s about 15 years of frustration about the health insurance system,” said Rick. “To me, it’s broken.”

Rick is self-employed and says he doesn’t want to be completely uninsured, like he as when he was a little younger. He says now, one of his options is to try to join a bigger company who could give him and his wife coverage, but that would mean he’d have to give up being an entrepreneur.

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