Cedar Rapids family wakes up to paint explosion on their driveway

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A Cedar Rapids family is in shock after waking up to a disturbing scene of vandalism on their driveway.

There was red paint splattered all of the family's two cars, most of the driveway, the garage door, and on the side of the house into the neighbor's driveway.

The family has no idea who could be responsible for the vandalism.

"I was just like, why would it happen to us," said resident Casey Sheets.

It all started just before 6 a.m. on Old Marion Road, when Sheets was getting ready to go to work.

"[I] could barely see anything since it was dark out, he said. "[I] stepped onto the driveway and felt something sticky, looked down their was red paint."

He then looked up and saw the same color splattered all over his mom's car and parts of the house.

He said his car received the worst amount of damage.

"The roof, sunroof, windshield, all the windows, the hood, [and] doors were all caked," he said. "The only thing that was of the original paint was on the bumper."

Sheets said police estimate about 6 thousand dollars in damage, but they will not know for sure until they hear back from their insurance.

However, Sheets is not hopeful his car can be saved.

"There was a good layer of paint on the car," he said.

Residents showing their support to the family and on social media cannot believe this would happen in their neighborhood.

"People are in shock that someone would do something like this," said Sheets.

CBS 2 and FOX 28 reached out to Cedar Rapids police about the incident, and they have filed a report on the vandalism.

The police will follow up on this incident if they come up with any leads.

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