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Cedar Rapids Bike Share Program returns in time for summer

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The Cedar Rapids' Bike Share is returning this year according to the city of Cedar Rapids.

Bikes and scooters will be arriving within the next two weeks.

The program will consist of 150 electric-assist bikes and 70 electric scooters, with a total of 90 designated bike racks throughout downtown and surrounding districts.

Those districts include, MedQuarter, NewBo, Czech Village and Kingston Village.

Last year, more than 17,000 bike rides and more than 12,000 scooter rides were logged between May-November 2019.

More than 5,000 users utilized riding a bike or scooter last year for either recreation or transportation as part of the Bike Share Program.

For the health and safety of riders, the program’s vendor, VeoRide, will disinfect the bikes and stations twice daily on average. Riders are encouraged to practice good hygiene: wash hands often (particularly after riding), do not touch your face, and use hand sanitizer.

“We recognize the value in offering additional transportation options to residents, as well as a healthy outlet for physical fitness and activity,” says Assistant Director of Community Development, Bill Micheel. “Last year’s pilot program was extremely successful, and we look forward to offering this service again this year.”

The bikes are accessible through the VeoRide app, which enables riders to unlock the bikes for $1, with a charge of 15 cents per each minute of use.

Using the Bike Share System for Bikes or Scooters:

Download the VeoRide mobile app for free.

Create an account.

Scan the QR code on any scooter or bike (or enter the ID number) to begin your ride.

When finished, park in a designated bike rack.

The fare will end once you lock the bike or click "end ride" on the scooter.

Payment is completed through the app.

Park Responsibly

Scooters may be parked in any green bike rack or in the designated parking area for scooters, painted on the sidewalk near bike racks. Parking in bike racks or in designated parking areas ensures sidewalks and building entrances remain open and accessible for pedestrians, while keeping the system neat and organized.

In the downtown and surrounding districts: bikes, scooters, and skateboards are not permitted to ride on sidewalks. Please walk your wheels in these areas for the safety of pedestrians, or enjoy riding your bike or scooter in a bike lane (bikes may also use the full travel lane). Sidewalk decals and street signage have been installed in areas where riding on the sidewalk is not permitted.

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The vendor, VeoRide is responsible for maintaining the fleet of bikes and scooters and has staff who disinfect the bikes, return lost bikes to stations, and perform routine maintenance. Lost or damaged bikes will be recovered, repaired, or replaced at no cost to the city.

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