Cedar Rapids approves, signs deal for federal flood defense funding

Flood funding signing

More than a decade after the catastrophic Flood of 2008, Cedar Rapids now has the money to defend against the next disaster firmly in place. Ten years ago, the water raged through downtown, topping the bridges by several feet. Now, leaders hope with the stroke of a pen they can now wash away any future fears of flooding, thanks to a $117 million funding plan coming from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“While today’s agreement outlines the funding for flood protection on the east side of the river, our master plan calls for protecting both sides of the river, east and west, and I’m confident that that will happen," said Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart. The rest of the money will come in the form of state and local funding totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Col. Steven Sattinger of the Rock Island District of the Corps says the protection for the east side will provide peace of mind for the heart of the city. “Can’t wait to get started on construction, we’ve got five years, the clock’s already counting, we’re over 100 days, by our watch and we’re going to be done on time that’s our commitment to ya.”

City Manager Jeff Pomeranz called today's agreement the latest piece of the most significant piece of infrastructure in the city's history. "We all look forward to seeing more segments fall into place in the months and years ahead."

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