Bright, colorful art from new Corridor artist to premiere at Brewhemia

Douglas Cloven, a Marion native who now lives in Iowa City, paints people who are important to him, and many Iowans. (CBS2/FOX28)

It all started just two years ago when Douglas Cloven picked up a $26 watercolor set at Hobby Lobby, hoping to be Bob Ross for a day.

Soon, he realized that not only did he have a knack for artwork, but it was a way for him to give a voice to others.

As Douglas Cloven covers his canvas, he uncovers the life of a person he feels you should get to know.

"I want people to ask questions about them," said Cloven. "Wonder what they’re up to. Wonder why I chose them."

Like a young boy his friend met from Haiti, who was mute, but whose smile spoke volumes.

"Everyone just fell in love with him," said Cloven. "Hopefully when I’m done you’ll see the big smile on his face."

Doug also wants to paint the story of Iowans -- from filmmakers, to Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug, to geochemist Clair Patterson.

"Iowa has amazing people; it has smart people," said Cloven. "People who are making an impact on the planet, not just on our community."

He says his process is a bit chaotic.

"I have an idea and I mess it up horribly," said Cloven. "Cover that up, and I mess that up horribly. And somewhere in there it becomes something that I like and I leave it."

In the end, it results in a masterpiece - honoring those he sees as deserving, and hopes you do too.

Now, he is about to have his first show on Friday, February 9 at 4:00 pm at Brewhemia in Cedar Rapids. For more details, visit here.

You can also see more art on his Facebook page.

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