BREAKING: Linn County Auditor Reports Accidental Data Breach


Linn County Auditor Joel Miller tells CBS2/FOX28 that a clerical error exposed sensitive voter data. It happened while a worker was fulfilling a legal request for voter data. The sent information accidentally included the last four digits of hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers.

Miller says the confidential data went out to four email addresses. The Auditor's office was able to contact three of the emails and ensure the data was safely deleted. But the other is no responding and his office is not sure whether the email is still active or not. Right now they are working with the email provider to try and ensure the information was not taken by someone for sinister reasons.

Miller says it's likely that the email was inactive and that the data will be recovered and destroyed. But, out of an abundance of caution he wanted to let the public know about the data breach and apologize for the mistake.

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