Linn-Mar voters turn down $80 million dollar bond

Signs encourage voters to go to the polls in the Linn-Mar Community School District. (Photo: Joe Huisinga, CBS2/FOX28) 

UPDATE 9/12/17 9:41 p.m.: Election results show voters did not pass Measure B Tuesday night in the Linn-Mar Community School District.

Results show 53 % said yes and 47 % said no. The measure needed 60% of voter support to pass.

PREVIOUS STORY: School district elections historically have pretty low voter turnout but the Linn-Mar Community School District saw some big numbers.

According to the Linn County auditor’s office they normally see about 722 votes in the Linn-Mar but on Tuesday they had more than 2,500 votes by 3:00 p.m.

Poll workers in the Linn-Mar Community School District are keeping busy.

“It is a lot busier than a typical school election we really didn't think we would be this busy,” Cary Jacobs Precinct Chairman.

They saw the regulars that always vote as well as some that don’t always make it. “I try to but I definitely wanted to be here today,” says Kari Horak.

Every voter we spoke with said their big focus was the $80 million bond issue for people living in the Linn-Mar District.

“It will help us address capacity, safety, security, and efficiency issues in our schools,” says Linn-Mar Communications Coordinator, Matthew May.

The money is planned to build 2 new 5th and 6th grade buildings.

Each of the new buildings would hold about 800 students and free up some space in their current elementary and middle school buildings.

The district also plans to build a new elementary school.

In addition to new construction the bond would allow renovations at Excelsior Middle School and 3 elementary buildings.

It has a significant impact on everyone in the district whether they like it or not, residents would see an incremental property tax increase of $1.65 per $1,000 valuation..

"I wanted to vote no against the bond issue I feel like a large portion of our property taxes already go to Linn-mar," says Horak.

District employees and board members have put up signs, held public meetings and reached out to community groups to get voters out.

“That's very promising to see that voter turnout has been good today," says May.

Now they hope that turnout turns in their favor.

Polls are open until 8:00 p.m.

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