Art in the Alley will be monitored by security cameras; preventing vandalism

Art in the Alley will be monitored by security cameras

The City of Marion is looking forward to the grand opening of Art in the Alley during the Marion Art Festival in May.

Despite the nine pieces of public art not all being completed, eight of them are accessible and on display right now behind the uptown buildings on the north side of 7th Avenue.

Recently, one of the pieces of artwork has had an incident with some minor vandalism.

The City of Marion is ready to address the situation quickly before another event like this occurs again.

"Our upper command staff had a meeting today and there's going to be some cameras in place here shortly in the downtown area." said Sergeant Phil Fort of the Marion Police Department.

The soon to be installed security cameras will be just one of the multiple measures the city will use to monitor the newly renovated area.

Officers will also have an increased presence in the area with patrol cars and on foot. Also, there is already new lighting in place to illuminate the area and deter vandals.

Marion police encourage any business owner or pedestrian to not hesitate in notifying law enforcement if they see suspicious activity in the area.

"If you see someone doing something wrong obviously call us, we'll respond right away. It's going to be getting nicer out so there's going to be a lot more people down here. So it comes down to if you see something, call us and we'll definitely take care of it." said Fort.

For now, the vandalism has already been cleaned off of the wall.

The city says security cameras will be installed as soon as possible, and police are ready to keep a tighter watch on the area.

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