Anamosa welcomes three-story sculpture inspired by Grant Wood

A statue sculpted by artist Seward Johnson now sits in a green space just off Anamosa's Main Street.

From a frame to a field, Grant Wood's iconic American Gothic now stands 25 feet high thanks to a sculptor's rendition on the 20th century piece.

The iron recreation weighs several tons, has hundreds of bolts and takes hours to assemble.

Anamosa residents gathered in the 300 block of Main Street to observe the assembly from start to finish, grabbing pictures and chatting about what the statue could mean to the downtown.

"We did a lot of research for other towns and what it brought, and they all said it brought thousands of people to town," said LeeAnna Boone, who pushed to have the travelling sculpture make its way to Anamosa. "Even if we get a little bit of that, that's really what we're hoping -- to bring people to town, to see what Anamosa has to offer, because we think it's a great town."

The statue cost $20,000 to bring to eastern Iowa from its previous spot of Elkhart, Indiana. The chamber of commerce raised the money with strong community support, and anticipate a nice return on investment through tourism.

Regardless of the economic impact, Boone said having the American Gothic-inspired artwork needed to be here.

"This is Grant Wood's home, so we just thought it was fitting that when we were offered this chance, we wanted to do everything we could to bring it here," said Boone, the executive director of the Anamosa Chamber of Commerce. "We think it'll be here for at least ten months, so we'll have it through April. We're hoping longer. We'd like to have it permanently, so that's our goal too."

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