Anamosa homecoming court overcomes controversy to celebrate new king

    <br>Anamosa High School welcomes new homecoming king.<br>

    After an LGBTQ student was threatened on social media, Anamosa High School responds electing him homecoming king.

    Joshua Saravia is a senior and getting ready to pursue a career in real estate. This week has been tough after messages surfaced threatening his life and insulting him.

    “It’s been an emotional roller coaster,” his oldest sister Tresha Saravia said. “A couple of weeks ago, we found out he was on the court the next thing you know this happened everybody has just been supporting him after all of this we shed tears but we hugged it out and we have to be there for each other as a family.”

    The text messages were so severe that CBS2 and FOX28 have decided not to release them. Several of Josh’s family member came to support him at the coronation despite initial concern.

    “I was scared for his safety. I really thought in a small community everybody would be bound together,” Saravia said.

    At the coronation however, Josh shed tears as he was elected homecoming king of Anamosa High School. The crowd cheered him on, presenting him with the crown and affirming the belief in a community that wants to stand together.

    “The students here are very supportive of him. He has their back and they have his back,” Saravia said.

    Josh’s mother did say she was pleased with how the district handled the incident. We did speak to the Superintended of the Anamosa School District, Larry Hunt. He said they have contacted legal council and are working with law enforcement. He did not comment on if the students involved will face consequences.

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