Adoptive parents of Sabrina Ray charged with first-degree murder

Authorities say Sabrina Ray was found dead May 12 inside the Perry home she shared with her parents, 41-year-old Marc Ray and 40-year-old Misty Ray, and her siblings. (Polk County Jail)

The adoptive parents of Sabrina Ray are now facing first-degree murder charges.

Police say Marc and Misty Ray were out of state when the 16-year-old was found dead in their Perry home - weighing less than 60 pounds.

Court records say she died of severe malnourishment.

Recently unsealed search warrants shed light on more details of the case, including about how Misty Ray threw away her cell phone along with the cell phones of her husband Marc, son Justin, and 10-year-old son who isn't named.

The two, along with three other family members, were already facing multiple charges in the case.

Marc Ray was also charged with two counts of sexual abuse that allegedly happened in January 2009 and December 2016.

A trial won't likely happened until next year.

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