A Good 'Season' to Join Yoga Studio

    CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - Dawn Lane sits at the front of her class and says gently, "We open our practice in this space, this room, to grace but not perfection, doing the best we can on this day."

    Every day, is a new beginning at Advanced Yoga Studio in Cedar Rapids.

    "Space, that's an element of fall, creating more space," Dawn says.

    And during this season, when the leaves start to change and once again, a new season is here, owner and teacher Dawn says, it's just one more reason, to be open to change.

    "It's that calming of the mind and that centeredness and the grounding especially in the season that we are in now - fall. Being that it's very airy," she explains.

    She says there's no competition or judgment in her studio.

    "Because every day is a new day!"

    After all, she was once a beginner too.

    "I do it because I love it! I can't imagine life without it. When I started yoga, I was in pain. Back pain, foot pain, a lot of pain, so it's freedom, it's healing for me," she tells us.

    Her classes are for everyone. All bodies, all levels. Whether you're 23 or a little moreseasoned.

    "I'm 73. I'll be going to my 55th high school reunion this weekend," says Sue Nelson, laughing.

    She's been coming for a couple years.

    "There's just so much benefit to it that I rarely miss," she says.

    Here, she discovered, new beginnings, can be wonderful, no matter what the season of life you're in.

    "You think when you retire, that's the end, but I have met the most incredible people in retirement and several of them are right here at the studio!" she says.

    You're gonna be sore, some days," she adds, "No doubt about it!" But she continues, "We all benefit from it, we all benefit from each other."

    And that's something Sue says, sticks with you.

    "When I leave here after a class, I'm just ready to take whatever comes my way! Take on anything!"

    Dawn adds to that, "We're not judgmental of what we can do on a particular day because every day is a new day."

    "This is like a hidden treasure," Sue tells us, "And I really think it is and I encourage anybody to come and try. No matter your age, no matter anything, it's just worth a try."

    Advanced yoga studio is getting ready to start what dawn calls 'Body Thrive' in November.

    It's ten weeks, and it's has a lot do to with creating good habits. Those habits can be essential, because the ten weeks lead right up to the holidays - a time when a lot of us, lose our good habits.

    If you'd like to learn more or find out how to sign up, visit advancedyogastudio.com or call Dawn at 319-431-0702.

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