1-on-1 with Candidate for Governor, Sen. Nate Boulton

Reporter Nick Weig interviews Sen. Nate Boulton about his bid for the Democratic nomination in the race for Iowa Governor. (Jason Meyer/CBS2&FOX28)

Nate Boulton is a relative newcomer to state politics. The Columbus Junction Native and now Des Moines lawyer is serving his first term in the Iowa Senate. But Sen. Boulton has already made a name for himself as a leading voice under the golden dome opposed to the Republican majority and their conservative agenda. Now, he's already eyeing the highest seat in the state.

Boulton says the combination of small town childhood and big city life is the perfect balance for Iowa's future. "Bringing rural Iowa together with more urban communities in this state to plan for our long term future because one can't survive without the other succeeding."

Sen. Boulton has served for just 14 months at the statehouse, but he quickly made a name for himself, joining groups opposed to passed measures including the stripping of collective bargaining rights for public employees. "I think we saw a moment happen in that collective bargaining fight, we saw a lot of people across the state say, we didn't vote for this agenda. We didn't see TV ads about doing this to people we need to answer the sacred call of public service to our communities."

He says he not only wants collective bargaining rights restored by expanded, citing a firefighter or first responder's right to argue for funding for critical equipment. Boulton also is critical of repeated budget shortfalls under Republican's watch and their calls for tax cuts just as revenue begins to bounce back. He admits calling for a reversal of potential tax cuts could be an unpopular stand. "I don't disaree with the fact that average Iowans should be seeing more of their incomes staying in their pockets. What I disagree with is that we have average Iowans paying over their share of the burden." Said Boulton.

As for Iowa's #1 ranking by U.S. News at World Report, Boulton believes while Governor Kim Reynolds and Republicans will use the accolade to their advantage, they don't deserve the credit. "All of the individual factors of what makes up that rating system are at risk right now from the decisions that have been made in the last year and a half in particular.."

Boulton says he's less concerned with what a national magazine says and more concerned with what he hears from the voters of Iowa in all 99 counties. "All of the individual things that will account for where we will stand in long term future are at risk right now and Iowans are very frustrated by the short sighted planning they're seeing from this administration."

Bouton also believes that the Democratic party is putting up good quality candidates across the state, and he is optimistic that his party can win control of the statehouse away from Republicans.

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