Vice President Pence delivers promise of victory in trade war

Vice President Mike Pence tours Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

In a visit tailored to tout one of the Corridor's biggest success stories in Rockwell Collins, and also to assure the international company and all of Iowa's farmers that President Trump's trade war will end in victory. "I'm telling you, Iowa is back, America is back and we're just getting started at getting the economy growing again." Said Vice President Pence.

The strong message of support was delivered directly to workers at Rockwell Collins, the Cedar Rapids company with business connections all around the world, including many on the opposite side of the President's growing trade war. "We will open things up better than ever before," promised Pence. "We're going to have a level playing field and our farmers are going to start winning again all across the world and I promise you, it's gonna happen."

Iowa farmers are already being hit by the trade war, with China retaliating on American soybeans, impacting prices and potentially cutting in to profits on family farmers. Tuesday, President Trump also released a list of thousands of other Chinese good, totally $200 billion, he's now threatening to impose a 10% tariff on in September. Wednesday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution asking the President to consult the legislative branch before imposing tariffs on any country in the name of national security. The resolution is non-binding and it's unlikely the White House will honor the request.

As for the Vice President, he also wanted to thank workers at Rockwell Collins for the work they do for the U.S. military. "Thanks for what you do here every day to give our war fighters what the need to accomplish their mission, protect our families and come home safe to theirs. So I want to say it from the heart, thank you, may God bless each one of you and the great work of Rockwell Collins."

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