Thousands of poll workers needed across Iowa


It's a job that only lasts one day, the shift is 16 hours long, but when it's over you get a sizable check. That's the message county auditors across Iowa want residents to hear so they have enough workers to staff hundreds of polling locations across eastern Iowa.

In Linn County, 600 poll workers are needed for the midterm election on November 6th. Auditor Joel Miller says the county cannot staff all those people internally. "It depends on residents who care and are willing to serve." Said Miller. Although election day is still three months away, the clock is ticking to get everyone ready for the big day. "We have to network and connect with people get referrals from existing officials, contact them get them trained and get them to show up on election day."

Residents we spoke with said they were not aware that the one-day job paid so well. The minimum a worker can make in Linn County is $200. While in Johnson County, workers are paid the county's minimum wage rate plus overtime past 8 hours. But there's another problem unique to Johnson County. Auditor Travis Weipert says he is desperate for registered Republicans to not only cast a ballot, but to work the polls. Weipert says each polling location must have at least one registered Democrat and one registered Republican. Because Johnson County is the most Democratic county in Iowa, it is sometimes hard to find members of the GOP to turn out for the long day.

State law requires all poll workers to be paid, although compensation varies by county. To learn more about how you can help on election day, contact your local county auditor.

In Linn County, you can fill out this online form.

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