Rep. Dave Loebsack seeking 7th term in Congress

Congressman Dave Loebsack has served 12 years in the House of Representatives. And he says he's not done yet. Loebsack is proud of his effort to forge bipartisan progress on a bitterly divided Capitol Hill. "Some 35 to 40% of the bills that I put my name on that I want to see get passed are actually originated by a Republican, I work with the other side." Said Loebsack.

He relishes the challenges that come from representing such a large and diverse district geographically. "Just getting around is both challenging and exhilarating and I get to hear from folks and that's what's really important. I don't think I can represent my district unless I listen to the people in my district."

One of the issues Rep. Loebsack has forced bipartisan ties is resistance to President Trump's growing trade war. "I just think that the approach that the President is taking, which is really taking a 2x4 to the head of our trading partners, has not worked up to this point. I hope that it does for everybody that is affected by this." Loebsack says as the only Democrat from Iowa on Capitol Hill, it has made it easier for him to cross party lines to work with his colleagues on matters that are important to Iowa and transcend party politics.

Loebsack also agrees that it's time for Democrats to consider a new crop of leaders, while still celebrating the work of former speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi. But Loebsack makes it clear those new leaders should not include him. "When I first got there, I was offered a position in the party, in the leadership," Said Loebsack. "That doesn't do anything for my district, that doesn't make any sense. I'm going to work for my district. I'm not here to work for the party, and I decided I didn't want to do that, it didn't make sense for me."

Loebsack also believes it's time for both parties to come together in good faith to end the debate on immigration. "We're all for border security, we don't want to separate families because nobody I talk to in the Congress wants to separate families." Said Loebsack. "There was an opportunity to put for different bills on the floor, and see which one got the most votes if any of them got the majority, I think we would have passed one of those bills and I think we would be on our way onto comprehensive immigration reform, but that didn't happen because Paul Ryan didn't allow it to happen."

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