Grassley's take on French President's plea to U.S. lawmakers

French President Emmanuel Macron wrapped up his visit to the United States Wednesday by making a final sales pitch to the legislative branch. As America's oldest ally, France and the U.S. have a lot in common. But there are pivotal policy shifts since President Trump took office that have changed the global gamesmanship.

Before a joint sessions of Congress, President Macron argued against recent isolating moves by the Trump Administration and a return to international cooperation.

"I am sure one day, Americans will come back and join the Paris Agreement." Said President Macron. President Trump withdrew from the climate deal because he felt it unfairly targets American industry. That's something Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley agrees with. "When we have parity with other countries that pollute more than we do like China, India, Indonesia and Brazil and in regard to China, they didn't have to start making any changes until 2030 and we have to start accomplishing our goals by 2025." Grassley told CBS2/FOX28 Wednesday afternoon.

President Macron also urged the U.S. to remain in the Iranian Nuclear Deal. "We should not abandon it without having something substantial instead, that's my problem." Senator Grassley agrees. "I don't think we can get France and Germany to negotiate seriously unless the President keeps in front of them the possibility of the United States pulling out."

Friday, President Trump welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The German leader is expected to deliver another round of pressure designed to convince President Trump not to endanger the Iranian Nuclear Deal that took months of negotiating to complete.

Watch Sen. Grassley's full response to our questions below:

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