Reynolds campaign & Iowa GOP launch full-scale attack on Democrat Fred Hubbell

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    With just over three months to election day, Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds is hitting her Democratic challenger, businessman Fred Hubbell, in a new ad. Viewers often complain about negative ads like this, but research and results prove, they work. And the Iowa GOP is joining the Reynolds campaign with a full court press on Fred Hubbell.

    "Hubbell said they should be happy they still have jobs. That's easy to say up in his ivory tower." Said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Iowa GOP. Kaufmann is talking about Hubbell's time as President of Younkers and its parent company in the 1980's. "You cannot defend closing stores, you cannot defend selling something and the saying it wasn't yourself when you shifted $60 million, and you definitely cannot defend cutting wages and cutting benefits at the same time you're giving yourself a 61% pay increase."

    Troy Price, the Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, sees it differently. "While Fred Hubbell was Chairman of Younkers, he created hundreds of jobs," said Price. "He created new opportunities for his employees, he gave them extra time off, created scholarships to help employees of Younkers, all at difficult time for our state."

    Kaufmann counters, "You can look at what the economic conditions were at the time but the bottom line is we got two companies owned by daddy, and two difference times Hubbell was the head of those particular companies appointed by his family."

    "I find it just incredibly laughable and also offensive," says Price, "that Jeff Kaufmann is going out there and attacking people who are working within, working in the family business."

    See Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann's FULL news conference below:

    Watch my FULL interview with Iowa Democratic Chair Troy Price below:

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