Governor Kim Reynolds discusses policy and goals ahead of election

    Political Reporter Nick Weig interviews Gov. Kim Reynolds on Thursday June 28, 2018.

    Priority for Next Legislative Session

    "It's implementing a lot of the things that we talked about so really proud of comp. mental health reform, it's so important that we're providing the needed services and what this bill does is identify the gaps in the progress that we made in 2013 so that's really positive and i'm anxious to start to work on that.

    Increasing Low Wages

    "I'm so passionate about this because, unemployed, underemployed, people that are working two jobs, I worked nights when Kevin and I were raising our girls. Future Ready Iowa is all about working with individuals to invest in them and help get them the skills in something that they're passionate about."

    Privatize Medicaid Controversy

    "Part of the driver of this is that I felt I couldn't look family members in the eye and tell them that I had a program in place, the prior program in place that would sustain it and their loved ones when they're gone."

    "But this is a partnership, we're a part of it, the managed care providers are a part of it and then the critical component too is the providers that are providing services to Iowans and we need to make sure that they're getting paid and they're getting paid in a timely matter for the services they are providing."

    Watch our full interview with Gov. Reynolds below:

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