Dr. Christopher Peters making second run in Iowa's 2nd District

    Dr. Christopher Peters

    Dr. Christopher Peters is making his second bid to become the Representative from Iowa's 2nd Congressional District. Not only is this not his first time challenging Democratic incumbent Dave Loebsack, he's not even the first Doctor to do it. Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks ran and lost to Rep. Loebsack three times.

    But Dr. Peters believes this time is different, despite most political watcher expected a smaller turnout among Republican voters in the midterms. Dr. Peters says it's all about connecting with what's on the minds of voters at home.

    Peters is a fiscal conservative, calling the nation's ongoing budget deficits one of his top three priorities if elected to Congress. He admits Republican leadership in Washington has failed to live up to their campaign promises. "I think that’s a horrible legacy to be passing down to future generations, I want to do what I can to change that." Said Peters.

    With immigration matters back in the forefront of the national debate, Dr. Peters says he understands why the Trump Administration took a harsher stance against illegal immigrants, but differs on the methods used at the border. "They’re trying to create a disincentive to come here illegally and not through proper channels but at the same time I think that generally Americans support we should protect our borders and immigration. At the same time, the majority of Americans also don’t like the idea of families being separated at the border."

    Dr. Peters also is cautious about the President's ongoing trade war with friends and foes around the globe. The back and forth trade battle is expected to have a significant impact on Iowa's economy. "It’s a complicated issue and I think that free trade and free markets are a part of America and we need to keep promoting it as best as possible."

    As for learning from past mistakes, Dr. Peters says an unsuccessful run in 2016 isn't the end of his story. He points to 1st District Congressman Rod Blum who also failed in his first attempt before winning a seat on Capitol Hill.

    Watch the FULL interview with Dr. Christopher Peters below:

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