Cathy Glasson: The RN looking to become the next GOV

Cathy Glasson

Of all the Democratic candidates for Governor currently running ads across Iowa, Cathy Glasson is by far the least experienced politician. But the Registered Nurse from Coralville says that makes her the perfect leader to shake up the political landscape in Iowa.

It is a landscape dominated by the Republican party. With sweeping victories in 2016, the GOP controls every sector of state government. Glasson believes moderate liberals leading the party are to blame for Democratic losses.

"Moving to the center is a losing strategy in beating Kim Reynolds, we have lost 11 of the last 14 Governor's races by continuing to move the same failed policies and candidates forward. It's time for new leadership in the state of Iowa and I know Iowa voters is ready for that change."

Glasson has embraced many of the platforms of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. She is calling for Iowa to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage, put the state in charge of everyone's health care and restore and strengthen local unions. That policy has earned her support from a number of union groups and the far left wing of the party.

Specifically on the minimum wage, Glasson says she wants to take the issue out of the hands of politicians. "My first day as Governor I'm going to call on the Legislature to pass a minimum wage law to $15 an hour and the raise would kick in over a three year period and then be indexed to inflation moving forward so that when cost of living goes up the wage would go up well."

When asked about the impact on small business, Glasson said she would be open to enforcing the minimum wage on larger companies first. "We want to make sure that large businesses kick us off with the minimum wage because they can afford to do it. The truth is the small businesses pay more than the minimum wage right now so let's let those large corporations that pay those poverty wages right now that can absolutely afford to raise the minimum wage can increase to 15-dollars an hour."

Universal Health Care has been a dream of many Democrats for generations. But every time it meets fierse resistance from Republicans, lobbyists and independent voters. Glasson says despite the scare tactics of opponents, it just makes fiscal sense. "We know that Iowans are paying too high a cost for too little care right now under the private for-profit insurance company driven system and we know that Iowans understand that we have to get the for-profit insurance companies out of health care so that Iowans can get the care they need when they need it and they don't have to worry about how they're going to pay the bill."

Glasson believes Iowans need a significant change. And she does not think it can come from the tradition sources of leaders. "I'm not a lawyer, I'm not a businessman and I'm sure not a career politicians and I think that Iowans want someone that they can trust and is like them."

Democrats in Iowa will get the final say on June 5th, when they go to the polls to nominate their candidate for Governor.

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