1-on-1 with Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell

Democratic candidate for Governor Fred Hubbell sits down with Reporter Nick Weig at Broadcast Park to talk about his campaign on Friday, March 9th, 2018 (Scott Zimdar/CBS2&FOX28)

Fred Hubbell is well known in many circles in Iowa. He served as Chairman of Younkers, and President of Equitable of Iowa, a life insurance company. Now, he's seeking the highest office in the state, Governor of Iowa. The Democrat believes his mix of private and public service is exactly what Iowa needs to lead it into the future. "I've worked twice for state government, and I've seen in the past how state government can be very helpful to the future growth of our people as well as our state." Hubbell told CBS2/FOX28.

Hubbell is one of seven candidates currently running for the Democratic nomination for Governor this year. Although the field is crowded, including several well funded candidates, Hubbell says he is standing out by getting out, and talking to Iowans. "There are a lot of people who are very frustrated that they see their local hospitals, health providers struggling, they see their schools decimated by more under funding, and they want to see results so I think people have gotten to the point in Iowa that the constant reductions in everything, health care, education our judiciary system is making people very frustrated."

Republicans are quick to point out that several democratic groups, including the Democratic Governor's Association and Planned Parenthood, are reportedly pulling funds out of Iowa because they feel the race is leaning Republican. "I think for every state, the local candidates have to prove they have a good message, that they are a good candidate and that they are viable." Fred Hubbell believes he is that candidate. He points to polls that show although Iowa earned the #1 ranking in the country from U.S. News and World Report, the majority of Iowans say they would like to see a change in leadership at the top, according to the Iowa Poll.

Hubbell also responds to Republican plans to cut personal income taxes. Although the plan would put more money back in the pockets of Iowans, mirroring a similar move on the federal level last year, Hubbell calls it flat out irresponsible. "Governor Reynolds has borrowed $144 million dollars from our reserve funds when our economy has low unemployment, the economic approach of this administration does not work." Hubbell says state leaders need to worry about the finances they are elected to manage before worrying about the taxpayer's bottom line. "What we should be doing is making sure that our state is on a sound financial basis before we start giving away a billion dollars here or a billion and a half dollars there, they have no idea how they're gonna pay for that."

As for the possibility of returning to a split government Hubbell says, if elected governor, party labels go out the window as far as he's concerned. "I've never really been concerned about whether I was running a business or I was running economic development whether someone's a Democrat or a Republican, we just talk about how we can move the organization forward and get results for Iowans and I think that's what we need."

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