Created in the Corridor: Spotix

Lighted control knobs on a Napoleon brand grill pictured in the North Liberty showroom of e-commerce company Spotix.

With spring knocking on the door people are looking to get outdoors. For many, that means sprucing up the backyard for barbeques. And with restaurants and bars primping their patios this is a busy time of year for Spotix, Created in the Corridor.

“From the burners to the shutoff valves to the gas lines, we’ve got it,” said Spotix CEO Scott Ramspott as he explained the breadth of products his e-commerce company stocks a 28,000 square foot warehouse along Interstate 380 in North Liberty.

Just six years ago as an independent sales rep, Ramspott approached one of his fire pit manufacturers about selling components online. “They said, ‘Go for it. You know more about the product than most of the dealers out there.’ So that’s where it started,” said Ramspott who founded the company in 2011.

Spotix launched its first online store—Fire Pits Direct—and it took off.

Now in the hands of President Aaron Verhorevoort, Spotix sells custom fire pits to homeowners and businesses all over the world. And you might have seen their work around the Corridor, Verhorevoort said: “30 hop, Vesta, Big Grove in Solon or Iowa City, Red’s Ale House, Black Sheep in Cedar Rapids.”

The same holds true for their high-end grills. Spotix branched out with an edgy website called Kick Ass Grills three years ago. “What guy or gal doesn’t want a kickass grill?” Ramspott asked rhetorically. “So, we went for it. We saw the URL was available so we snatched it up and we like it.”

Apparently, so do their customers. The grills sold by Spotix range from $1,500 to $15,000.

“We’re looking for the customer that doesn’t want to replace their grill every two or three years,” explained Verhorevoort. “We’re looking for the guy that’s looking for quality, that’s gone through two or three of the less expensive options.”

From complete outdoor kitchens to electric fireplaces to patio furniture plus all the essential components, Spotix has your staycation covered.

“A lot more millennials are going to outdoor living,” said Adam Kahler, Director of Sales and Marketing. “They’re putting more focus (on) that with their families. So we’re really in the right spot at the right time right now.”

Spotix now represents 75 brands on several websites and is seeing exponential growth. They just moved into their expanded showroom and warehouse space at the beginning of 2017.

“In the last year we’ve almost doubled in size as far as employees, team members,” said Ramspott proudly. “We went from twelve to twenty-one (employees) in the last twelve months.”

And the company is still hiring with its eyes on future markets. “We’re starting to get into a lot more Wi-Fi and smart home integrations as well, so looking at some brands in that space,” Kahler said.

According to Verhorevoort, ninety-eight percent of the company’s business comes from outside of Iowa and is generating millions in revenue. If you have an outdoor leisure project in mind, you’ll find a link to Spotix HERE.

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