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Created in the Corridor: Music Loft/Craig Erickson

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - "For heights and depths no words can reach music is the soul's own speech." That anonymous quote seems appropriate for this story because music is an international language that permeates every culture. And for one local musician it is a business without borders Created in the Corridor.

Forty years ago when he was just 13, Craig Erickson's father opened the Music Loft in Cedar Rapids. Today, he has a catalog full of memories."I had my own little record store area and I just always wanted to hang around and watch everybody," remembers Erickson. Hanging near the front door of the independent music store is an old faded photo of his dad with guitar legend Les Paul which alludes to Erickson's musical heritage.
He describes what it was like growing up in a home headed by a jazz guitarist and his musical wife: "Hearing the guitar lessons coming out of the basement and just surrounded by music and my mom teaching piano,
just always music going on."

And there's still music going on, primarily in the Music Loft's studio where Craig Erickson records, produces, writes and teaches. "I have a lot of guitar students that are extremely talented songwriters, singers that are doing national level stuff right in this room."

Erickson also loves performing across the U.S. and in Europe and collaborates with industry veterans who work with the likes of Paul McCartney, Tim McGraw and Katy Perry just to name a few.
Rob Haskell is a drummer who spent several years in Nashville. He says he has always wanted to introduce his Tennessee musician friends to Craig. "I just feel really privileged since I've been back to play with him and record with him," says Haskell.

Erickson has released more than a dozen CDs, landed songs in several TV shows like "Justified" and "Chicago Fire" and now has music in the critically acclaimed motion picture "Enough Said" starring the late
James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "I always dreamed of having a song in a movie or music in a movie or soundtracks. I'm blessed to be able to do that," says the grateful musician. His current bass player,
Mark Allen, says Erickson is not only talented, he's prolific. "Craig is like the most versatile hardest working local musician," offers Allen.

"I really love it all, says Craig. "The main thing is I love working with people." Which is why Craig says he gets as much enjoyment teaching his beginning students as he does performing on a stage in Paris.
"There's just something awesome about seeing people's eyes and face light up when they discover that they can play music."

You can see the Craig Erickson Band in concert this Friday, November 22, at the Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion. And if you want more information we have it in the News Links section of this website
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