Created in the Corridor: IRRMA Hall of Fame

The Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association hosts its 2017 Hall of Fame induction ceremony over Labor Day weekend.

One of the chief contributors to the Corridor’s quality of life is its arts and culture community. Our theaters, museums and concert venues feature a wide variety of local talent who entertain, enlighten and inspire. A few of them are lifelong rock ‘n rollers who are now getting some special recognition for what they’ve Created in the Corridor.

“They actually can’t believe it when they see me in the office and they don’t know anything about the music side of me. They’re stunned,” said Karie Skogman, administrative assistant by day and rocker by night. Skogman leads the popular heavy metal band “Lipstick Slick.” It’s a passion for Skogman who started playing guitar when she was sweet sixteen. That’s when she heard “Aerosmith” for the first time. “My bedroom was full of Leif Garrett and Donny Osmond posters and they went down and Aerosmith went up…seriously!”

Skogman really started to rock ‘n roll after college, hitting the stage with different bands for 35 years. Now, she’s being inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame in the Women Who Rock category. “I’m over the moon! Very excited.”

The Surf Zombies are getting the organization’s Spirit Award. Brook Hoover started recording the band’s all-original surf music a decade ago and through several collaborations produced a half-dozen albums with more on the way. “A studio album (is) in the can and a live one at CSPS in the can that we could release pretty soon,” explained Hoover. He says the Surf Zombies love touring the Midwest and have even played the legendary Surf Ballroom. “When we go for a weekend out to like, Green Bay or Illinois or Indiana, it’s just like a vacation. We just have a party on wheels. it’s super fun.”

Nick Stika knows the feeling. “Music keeps you, somehow, young,” concured Stika, a two-time Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association inductee. Stika has played with Dogs on Skis for thirty years and now sits on IRRMA’s board of directors. “It’s much deeper than music. It’s about education, preservation of rock ‘n roll. The legacy in the state of Iowa.”

Adding to that legacy, Stika tapped Craig Erickson for hall of fame recognition. Known by many through the Music Loft and his frequent performances in several bands, Erickson is a national recording artist whose latest release features some prominent players. “Two members of Paul McCartney’s band—the drummer, the guitarist—and Tal Wilkenfeld on bass from Jeff Beck, Ringo and different people. And also Ansley Dunbar from Zappa and Starship,” said a proud Erickson who’s had the privilege of playing with many top artists throughout his lengthy career.

Erickson’s come a long way from his very first band who performed at Franklin Junior High under the name “Nobody.” “So our first cassette was called, “Nobody’s Playing, Live,” said the smiling guitarist.

Not all IRRMA Hall of Fame inductees are musicians. Steve Soboroff--known as Captain Steve Bridges on KCJJ radio in Iowa City--also launched 99-Plus KFMH in the Quad Cities. “June the 4th of 1973,” remembers Soboroff of the day KFMH initially hit the airwaves.

The first progressive rock radio station in the Midwest, KFMH lasted twenty-one years before signing off. But then a few years ago Captain Steve held a fundraiser on KCJJ to bring his old station back on the internet. “It was 2013, March the first. (We) went on the air at three o’clock and by midnight we had twenty-five grand,” said Soboroff, still surprised by the response.

Soboroff said KFMH now has between 17,000 and 23,000 daily listeners…and he’s getting IRRMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. “This is all I ever wanted to do with my life was radio and…I got to do it,” said Soboroff gratefully. “I mean; I have been ridiculously blessed.”

The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony happens over Labor day Weekend. We have a link with more information HERE.

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