Created in the Corridor: Fallen Land

Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalypic Board Game as displayed at Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC in Iowa City.

Coming up on Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control will host a workshop to help people prepare for and survive a nuclear war. While that can be a terrifying thought, there is a fun way to deal with the unthinkable thanks to a board game Created in the Corridor.

“We call it about 5.75 pounds of post-apocalyptic love,” joked Jon Lonngren of Iowa City. “It’s a very heavy box.”

Lonngren and Sean Cahill recently introduced me to their 13-year labor of love; Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game is attracting fans from all over the world.

“It’s kind of developed a life of its own,” said Lonngren. “There’s so many stories, characters, artwork. There’s so many pieces to this game.”

Friends since high school, the pair started working on Fallen Land in 2005 as founders of Fallen Dominion Studios. It’s a two-to-five player hybrid game that combines role-playing, strategy and card building. Heavily story-driven, it changes each time it’s played.

“There’s literally trillions of combinations of cards,” Lonngren said. Added Cahill, “You have five characters, next time you’re going to have five different characters. You’re almost guaranteed to have five different characters just because there’s so many of them.”

Lonngren insisted there is something for everyone in Fallen Land, young or old. “Whether it be adventure, politics, diplomacy or economics.”

The creators have taken Fallen Land to Gen Con in Indianapolis. The largest table-top game convention in North America, it attracts tens-of-thousands of fans.

“It’s really fantastic to just watch people enjoy playing something that Sean and I and the team have worked so hard on for all these years,” said Lonngren proudly. “Really positive feedback from the gaming community.”

That’s supported by the ratings the game is receiving on; an average of nearly 9 stars out of 10 from people who’ve played it. Their expansion pack, A Journey into Darkness is close to a perfect 10. And the game is still growing both in popularity and reach. Game stores from Texas, Illinois and Washington, D.C. have reached out to Fallen Dominion Studios and now they have a presence overseas.

“We have a bunch of games over in the U.K. right now. It’s going to be distributed to 30 different countries,” enthused Lonngren. “We’re in negotiation with several distribution companies.”

Fallen Dominion Studios just launched a brand new website featuring interviews, stories, board game reviews and links to Fallen Land tutorials. So despite the dark nature of the game, these entrepreneurs believe their brightest days are ahead.

“Sean and I created this to withstand the test of time. You know, a good board game is going to sell for 20 or 30 years. I think we’ve accomplished what we set out to accomplish.”

You can buy Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game locally at Hobby Corner in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Geek City in North Liberty and on Visit Fallen Dominion Studios’ Facebook page HERE.

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